Hi, I am Allie Marion, an entrepreneur, wife and mom driven to create beautiful and meaningful things. I am a lover of parenthood, dating my husband, dog snuggles, and keeping my mind & body fit while rocking out to 90s jams. I have a passion for good wine, a delicious charcuterie, bell bottoms and statement fashion pieces. My house is Hufflepuff and my hero is Han Solo. 

For over ten years, my passion has been capturing life's beautiful moments. Whether it is your wedding, engagement, intimate boudoir, or formal portraits, I love to photograph it all! Being such a diverse portrait photographer allows me to constantly push my boundaries and dare to create and evolve along with you! (Read all about my WHY via this post.)

The photography industry is ever-changing, and I love to grow with it! I began this journey in high-school during the good ole film days, then graduated with my degree in Visual Communication from Cal State Fullerton. 



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Now, I continue to learn from conferences, online courses, reading, and industry friends. I absolutely love to learn and put my knowledge to work, which is why I feel this little business has continued to grow for over a decade.

Apart from the mentioned above, I am also an advocate. Being an infertility champion, miscarriage and infant loss survivor, I am committed to sharing my story in hopes of helping the next woman, couple or family navigate this difficult journey. It took 6 years for the arrival of my son Wesley Jr., and was met with infertility, health battles, 3 documented miscarriages and the stillbirth of my daughter Jude. I do believe in the rainbow at the end of the road; and it is my hope to help you in any way I can. I will continue to honor the memory of my girl by documenting, fundraising and giving back to this specific community. Shop Hello Jude is my passion project and I hope you will check it out.





Being a mother. Nothing quite prepares you for motherhood or the journey to get there, but it is the greatest gift & joy I have ever received!


Although rare in my house, I absolutely love a warm cup of coffee (with cream!) and a sweet breakfast in bed while binge watching one of my favorite shows!


Dating my husband is my most favorite thing of all! Growing as a couple over this past decade plus has been one of the greatest adventures.


If there was one thing left on this earth to eat on repeat, for me, it would be a delicious charcuterie board!


I extra enjoy a leisurely meal out, it is probably one of my most favorite things to do! Especially in a welcoming ambiance with unique design features, and when wine is paired with original culinary creations.


Oh, our Josie princess, how I love her so! It is such a treat being a fur-mom. The snuggles are un-matched!


The bond of family is sacred, and I treasure mine above measure!


You can never have enough stamps in your passport - that's my motto anyway! Traveling has taught me about life, people, and culture; and it is something that can never be taken away from me. These experiences are solely mine and it brings me great joy.


Ok, I will just say it... I am a wine snob. I am the one culling thru the wine list at the restaurant asking all the questions. Guilty as charged. BUT there is nothing quite like a fine glass of wine. For me a bold red with a peppery finish to wind a day down or a smooth sparkling rose over brunch are a few of my favorite things.


I like to be bold! Whether that is with a fun pair of bell bottoms, statement earrings, or a unique print, I like to wear it all! There's always a reason to get dressed up. Unless of course I am at home, then I am rocking my yoga pants (which usually are festive in some way).



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