This article is dedicated to helping you determine how much to spend on wedding photography and videography based on your level of interest and overall budget. It is no doubt that while planning your wedding can be something you’ve always dreamed about, it can also be a little stressful once you dive in. Figuring out […]

April 26, 2021

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Photography Budget

Lorimar Winery Wedding

This is the final installment of this series and weighs the good and bad of a big wedding celebration Planning a wedding is hard work and takes a lot of consideration, thought and creativity. Therefore, one size does not fit all when choosing which wedding style best suits you & your fiance. That’s why I […]

March 23, 2021

What’s Your Wedding Type? The Pros & Cons of a Big Celebration

Galway Downs Wedding

This is part three in this series and highlights all things related to a Mirco Wedding What is a Micro Wedding you might ask? As defined by… A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale. So now […]

March 17, 2021

What’s Your Wedding Type? The Pros & Cons of a Micro Wedding

Arroyo Trabuco Golf Course Wedding

This is part two in this series meant to help you figure out the best wedding type for you! This post is dedicated to all things Destination Wedding!

March 3, 2021

What’s Your Wedding Type: The Pros & Cons of a Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Photographer

Hi! I am Allie Marion - an entrepreneur, wife and mom driven to create beautiful and meaningful things. For over 10 years it has been my honor and joy to call photography my profession.

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